Distinguishing Features

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With Sparrow, you’ll never wonder when your lawn crew will get around to you. We make a dependable schedule a top priority, so you get the best lawn care service, week in and week out.

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Standard Pricing

Every Sparrow customer pays the same rates for the same services. You’ll know you’re getting a great value on your lawn care.

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Precisely Scheduled Appointments

When you meet with us for your initial estimate, you’ll have a set appointment not a long “window” to sit around waiting. Once you’re a Sparrow customer, we’ll use specialized software to ensure your lawn receives the right care at the right time.

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A Customized Approach

Each lawn is unique, so the best lawn care service requires a unique approach for each lawn. Your customized care plan will deliver a mix of maintenance and applications that keep it beautiful and not a single service you don’t need.

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Specialized Crews

Each of our teams is dedicated to a single type of lawn care. This not only makes them more efficient, delivering cost savings we can pass on to you, it also makes scheduling easier, making them even more dependable.

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Uniformed Crews

To us, looking professional is part of being professional. Our crews wear uniforms, provide identification on request, and drive our distinctive black trucks. Most importantly, this ensures you always know exactly who is working around your home.

Hear It from Our Customers

  • "When I bought my house, the yard was something of a wreck. I knew it would need a zone by zone approach and some professional attention. Sparrow helped my lawn and landscaping look great! Everyone on their crews is reliable and highly knowledgeable, and their work is worth every penny."
  • "After I was diagnosed with cancer, I was focused on my treatment. As a result, my yard was largely neglected for two years. I called on Sparrow for the help I needed, and they delivered! They maintain my colorful landscaping, have planted and cared for trees, and also take care of my lawn. I have found them to be considerate and attentive to every detail on the property. They reliably stick to their schedule, but when treatment has made it difficult for me to be home, they’ve gladly adjusted. I can enjoy looking at my property, but all the credit goes to them. The Sparrow team is amazing and awesome, and I recommend them highly!"
  • "About four and a half years ago, we moved into our new house and wanted to install a swimming pool, but needed a retaining wall nearby. I usually do this kind of work myself, but this time I felt it would be best to involve a professional. Once I met with Mark and Josh from Sparrow, I knew they were the exact professionals I wanted. They were much more creative than I would have been, and even suggested a great way to upgrade another wall on the property with the same stone. Their crew worked quickly and efficiently; even getting the quote was quick! The project was completed on schedule, the cost was reasonable and everyone was professional and reliable at every step. I couldn’t ask for more, and I won’t hesitate to call them for future projects, and neither should you!"
  • "Sparrow provides efficient and courteous service for the fifty condominiums in Highland Heights, and I’ve also had them perform shrub trimming work at my own home. We’ve found them to be speedy, reliable, and they always leave a clean site behind. Their crews are always polite, professional and focused on customer service."
  • "When we built a new house, we chose Sparrow to handle all the landscaping. They worked with us on design, and created beautiful landscaping, including two berms with roses and ornamental shrubs. We have worked with landscapers in locations around the country and found Sparrow to be at the top when it comes to quality, and they were nice to work with, too. We are well satisfied, and highly recommend Sparrow."
  • "Sparrow is the main provider of grounds maintenance and landscaping services for the Highland Heights condominium community, and based on their excellent service we added their snow removal services this year. They provide comprehensive, high quality services, and are involved in continually improving the grounds. The work is accomplished economically and efficiently. Their crews are honest and dependable, and I know Sparrow goes through a lot of work to carefully screen them. Sparrow has solid management from generous, responsible leaders who create a high level of trust, and I highly recommend them."
  • "I was Sparrow’s first customer, because I had seen the work their founder, Mark, did before he started the business, and could tell he was dedicated to high quality and the best possible customer service. I had them build a brick patio at the back of my home. They did a magnificent job and it still looks great. I later had them design and build a berm in the yard of my next house, with a block border, ornamental bushes and flowers. They helped me solve an erosion problem on the property, removing stone and railroad ties and replacing them with healthy new sod. I’ve also counted on them for tree removal and to build a brick walkway. I can’t say enough good things about Mark and his crew and I highly recommend them for any work you need done at your home or business."
  • "The Sparrow team did a great job building beautiful retaining walls and large flower beds for my home. They also perform monthly maintenance on my landscaping. My yard is rather large, and often I would come back from traveling and find my home looking like a disaster. I’d feel overwhelmed at all the work that had to be done. Since I’ve had Sparrow handle the maintenance, my home looks amazing and I have total peace of mind about my yard. The Sparrow team always does a great job, and they always ask if there’s more they can do. Do yourself a favor, and call them today!"
  • "I count on Sparrow to advise me on the health of my lawn and to handle my lawn applications. They apply fertilizer, aerate and overseed it as needed. When I first called them, I had brown patches, which they quickly identified as being the result of fungus growth, ironically from overfertilization. They not only developed a plan to get rid of the patches, but the whole lawn looks significantly better, much healthier and greener. The Sparrow team is personable, easy to work with and tailors their approach to my needs. They account for the amount of work I want to do myself, and always do a great job."
  • "We rely on Sparrow for a number of services on our property. They built a patio for us at our previous home, and planted beautiful perennials. When we moved to our new home, they did a fine job building a new stoop and brick walkway for our back door. They planted trees for us and keep our yard looking great with lawn and landscape maintenance and weed removal. My husband John uses Sparrow for snow removal at his business and has been very satisfied. The Sparrow team is friendly, professional, timely, never leaves anything unfinished (even temporarily), and stand by their work 100%."
  • "I’ve worked with Sparrow as a homeowner and as the Executive Director of Youth Development at the Family YMCA of Northwest Illinois. They did a great job beautifying my property after we put on an addition and added a pool, and they helped us with leveling and new rock when we replaced our shed. I have them work on my property at least every other year, beautifying it, removing shrubs and laying down new mulch. Speaking of mulch, I always had a difficult time finding someone who could handle the mulch on our playgrounds at the YMCA. We need mulch that’s properly screened so there’s no debris in it that might hurt the children, and some landscapers aren’t willing to seek it out. Mark and the Sparrow team not only get us the right mulch, they get it spread on the playgrounds so quickly and efficiently that the kids don’t miss a moment of play. I highly recommend Sparrow, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else!"
  • "At the Morse Group, we trust Sparrow with all the grounds maintenance on the 7 acres at our headquarters. That includes mowing, mulching, weeding, applications and more. When we acquired the building, we were handling it ourselves, but found that the equipment cost was a burden and a distraction from our core business. The Sparrow crew is very proactive in bringing issues on the property to our attention, even if it’s something (such as lighting) that is not in their area of responsibility. They do a fantastic job and we can tell they treat our property as if it’s their own. Our goal is to have the best looking business location in the area, and Sparrow helps us make that happen. We recommend you trust them for your commercial landscape work."
  • "At the Morse Group, we usually handle our own snow removal, but when the employee responsible for it needed to take a medical leave in the winter, we knew exactly who to call. Sparrow has done a fantastic job on our grounds maintenance, so we expected great results from their snow removal crews, too. They jumped right in, did an excellent job and kept our lots and walks clean and safe. We recommend them for your commercial snow removal needs."
  • "I was an early Sparrow customer and have been sold on them ever since. Their first job for me was replacing my concrete front steps with brick, and they did an excellent job. When we added onto our house, they worked closely with our building contractor, gave us a wonderful front patio, and redid all the hardscaping in the backyard.Today, I rely on Sparrow for all my mowing, landscape planting, and maintenance. Everyone on their team is knowledgeable, personable, and just plain nice. They’re even good to my dogs! I recommend them highly for your lawn and landscape needs."

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