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Residential Services

Trade mowing, weeding, and shoveling for relaxation. We’ll keep your grass healthy and looking great, plus take care of snow removal, while you enjoy your home.

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Commercial Services

Keep your site looking great without overhead or hassle. Our crews will keep grass mowed and fertilized, control weeds, and keep parking lots and sidewalks free of snow and ice, while you concentrate on doing business.

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Stress-Free Lawn Care

For businesses, in-house lawn maintenance brings heavy costs in equipment and labor. For homeowners, lawn care is yet another aggravating item on a lengthy to-do list. Plus, it takes up time you could spend with family or just relaxing.

What if you could save yourself the hassle, while getting outstanding results? With the right lawn care services, you can. Sparrow can make sure your yard is lush, green, beautiful, and weed-free, week after week, with zero stress for you.


Why Sparrow?

There are many lawn care companies to choose from, but here are a few reasons Sparrow is distinguished from every other:

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With Sparrow, you’ll never wonder when your lawn crew will get around to you. We make a dependable schedule a top priority, so you get the lawn care services you need and expect, week in and week out.

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Standard Pricing

Every Sparrow customer pays the same rates for the same services. You’ll know you’re getting a great value on your lawn care.

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Specialized Crews

Each of our teams is dedicated to a single type of lawn care services. This not only makes them more efficient, delivering cost savings we can pass on to you, but it also makes scheduling easier, making them even more dependable.

Our crews also wear uniforms and drive our distinctive black trucks. This ensures that you always know exactly who is working around your home or business.

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Scheduled Appointments

When you meet with us for your initial estimate, you’ll have a set appointment, not a long “window” to sit around waiting. Once you’re a Sparrow customer, we’ll use specialized software to ensure your lawn receives the right care at the right time.

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Customized Approach

Each lawn is unique, so we take a unique approach to each lawn. Your customized lawn care services plan will deliver a mix of maintenance and applications that keep it beautiful, and not a single service you don’t need.

Your Plan for a Beautiful Lawn

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    Get in Touch

    Fill out a simple form or give us a call. For some one-time jobs, we can send you back an estimate right away. In other cases, we’ll move to the next step…

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    Expert Lawn Assessment

    A Sparrow specialist will arrange a time to assess your lawn and provide you with a custom lawn care services plan that fits your property’s unique needs. If you would like snow removal service, we can quote that on the same visit.

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    Dependable Lawn Care Services

    Using software that tracks and schedules applications and maintenance, Sparrow crews will give your lawn the right care at the right time, without fail.

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    Instead of spending your weekend pushing a mower and pulling weeds, sit back and enjoy a yard that’s lush, healthy, and beautiful.

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Lawn Care Services and More

Whether you need help at your home or business, Sparrow crews can keep your property beautiful and safe.

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Our dependable mowing crews give your grass the finished look you expect: straight lines, careful string trimming, and no unsightly clippings left in landscape beds or on paved surfaces.

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Lawn Application

Following your lawn’s custom care plan, we’ll apply the fertilizers and other treatments that keep it healthy and beautiful.

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Our knowledgeable crews handle every aspect of routine lawn and landscape maintenance, including pruning, trimming, and weed control.

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Snow Removal

Get snow and ice removed quickly on an automatic or on-call basis. Plowing is available for commercial customers.


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