The majority of the community's opinion of your business is based on visual impressions. But caring for your commercial site’s lawn and landscaping is a time-consuming task that can bring a lot of overhead with it.

Our dedicated crews will make regular visits to your business site to perform grounds maintenance, and ensuring all aspects of your landscape are healthy and in order.

Services to Ensure Beautiful Landscaping Year Round

Your lawn and landscaping require regular care to keep them healthy and pleasing to the eye. We provide that grounds maintenance care on a dependable basis.

A rake

Spring Cleanup

Before we begin your mowing schedule, we’ll clear away all leaves and debris left over from the winter months, leaving your grounds ready for expert care and unhindered growth.

A well-pruned tree

Pruning and Trimming

We’ll keep your trees and shrubs in shape! They’ll have an orderly look and improved health, as we trim back growth to exactly the right size.

A sprayer with weedkiller

Landscape Weed Control

Weeds will be removed from any landscape features, and more often we'll prevent them from growing in the first place. We can even deliver aquatic weed control and control pests, such as Japanese Beetles.

A lawn mower

Total Lawn Care

We’ll develop a custom plan with the care that fits your lawn’s needs, with the mix of fertilization, aeration, pest and weed control that helps it stay at peak health. Mulching, dethatching, and other beautification services are also available. Find out more about these services on our Commercial Applications page.

A weed trimmer cuts through troublesome weeds

Clean, Precision Mowing & Trimming

Every blade cut, every edge trimmed, every line straight. Your grounds will have straight lines and all areas will be thoroughly string trimmed. Plus, we’ll clean every surface before we’re done, so no clippings are left behind.

Two autumn leaves

Fall Cleanup

As the leaves start coming down, we can easily add raking, pruning, and other cleanup to your schedule, keeping your grounds looking sharp all through autumn.

Expect the Best from Sparrow

We’ll keep your site looking great—trimmed, pruned, healthy, and clean—without overhead or hassle. Here’s what you can expect when you rely on Sparrow for your grounds maintenance:

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We develop a custom grounds maintenance plan for every customer and make a dependable schedule a top priority. Your outdoor spaces will get the care they need, and you’ll get the service you deserve.

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The Perfect Finished Look

All shrubs, hedges, etc. will be properly trimmed; trees will be pruned for appearance and health; and all landscape areas will be orderly and weed-free.

A group of shining four-pointed stars

Clean Spaces

Our crew will always leave your site looking better than we found it, with clean walkways and landscape beds that are safe and spotless.

A stack of cash

Standard Pricing for Any Size Site

Every Sparrow customer pays the same rates for the same grounds maintenance services. You’ll know you’re getting a great value on your lawn care.

A professional crewman

Professional, Uniformed Crews

To us, looking professional is part of being professional. Our crews wear uniforms, provide identification on request, and drive our distinctive black trucks. Most importantly, this ensures you always know exactly who is onsite at your place of business.

An arrow in the bullseye of a target

Better Focus, Less Overhead

Avoid the costs of equipment, supplies, labor, training, and insurance that can mount up when you keep grounds maintenance in-house. You and your team can focus on serving your customers, while we focus on making you look good.

Hear It from Our Customers

  • "Sparrow provides efficient and courteous service for the fifty condominiums in Highland Heights, and I’ve also had them perform shrub trimming work at my own home. We’ve found them to be speedy, reliable, and they always leave a clean site behind. Their crews are always polite, professional and focused on customer service."
  • "Sparrow is the main provider of grounds maintenance and landscaping services for the Highland Heights condominium community, and based on their excellent service we added their snow removal services this year. They provide comprehensive, high quality services, and are involved in continually improving the grounds. The work is accomplished economically and efficiently. Their crews are honest and dependable, and I know Sparrow goes through a lot of work to carefully screen them. Sparrow has solid management from generous, responsible leaders who create a high level of trust, and I highly recommend them."
  • "At the Morse Group, we trust Sparrow with all the grounds maintenance on the 7 acres at our headquarters. That includes mowing, mulching, weeding, applications and more. When we acquired the building, we were handling it ourselves, but found that the equipment cost was a burden and a distraction from our core business. The Sparrow crew is very proactive in bringing issues on the property to our attention, even if it’s something (such as lighting) that is not in their area of responsibility. They do a fantastic job and we can tell they treat our property as if it’s their own. Our goal is to have the best looking business location in the area, and Sparrow helps us make that happen. We recommend you trust them for your commercial landscape work."

Ready to Begin?

Fill out a simple form or give us a call. A Sparrow specialist will arrange a time to assess your site, give you a quote and set up your dependable grounds maintenance plan. We look forward to serving you!