Keeping your home beautiful means keeping your lawn healthy and eliminating weeds. But doing it yourself adds another set of chores to your week and requires expertise you may not have.

What if you could relax instead? Our dedicated crews will make regular applications to ensure your lawn is healthy and free of weeds, fungus, and pests.

Expect the Best from Sparrow

Keep your home looking great without zero hassle! We’ll make it look beautiful and leave your property clean when we’re done. Here’s what you can expect when you rely on Sparrow for fertilization and weed control:

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The Right Care

Our highly-trained professionals will determine what applications will be best for your lawn, and create a custom plan so you get everything you need and no unnecessary applications.

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With Sparrow, you’ll never wonder when your lawn crew will get around to you. We make a dependable schedule a top priority, so you get the fertilization and weed control service you need and expect.

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Safe Products

All our fertilization and weed control products have low volatility characteristics, meaning you can safely use your lawn within minutes of application.

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Standard Pricing for Any Size Site

Every Sparrow customer pays the same rates for the same fertilization and weed control services. You’ll know you’re getting a great value on your lawn care.

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Professional, Uniformed Crews

To us, looking professional is part of being professional. Our crews wear uniforms, provide identification on request, and drive our distinctive black trucks. Most importantly, this ensures you always know exactly who is working around your home.

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Additional Support

We offer a wide range of services from mowing to snow removal, so no matter what you need done on your grounds, we can provide no-hassle service.

Effective Fertilization and Weed Control for Any Home

Your custom lawn treatment plan will have just what’s needed, including some or all of the following:


Standard Fertilizer Applications for Health

To make sure your lawn is healthy, green, and beautiful throughout the season, all lawn plans include three standard fertilizer applications in early spring, June and early fall. If your lawn needs more, we’ll schedule additional applications to keep it vibrant.


Standard Weed Control to Stop Them Cold

Every plan includes regular weed control applications that prevent crabgrass and broadleaf weed growth.


Organic Fertilizer

If you prefer, we can apply natural milorganite products to your lawn, keeping it lush and green without chemicals.


Spring Rolling

In addition to our spring cleanup service, we’ll roll your lawn so it’s level and just the right firmness for excellent growth.


Fall Aeration

Toward the end of the season, we’ll aerate your lawn, ensuring that air, nutrients, and water reach the soil easily during the fall months.



On an as-needed basis, we’ll overseed parts of your lawn that need a denser grass cover, and make sure it grows beautifully.


Systemic Drenches

If you are dealing with an infestation of harmful insects, we’ll apply pest control products in selected areas to protect your plants.


Japanese Beetle Prevention

We offer products that specifically target pesky Japanese Beetles, giving your plant life a chance to grow unhindered.


Fungicides and Grub Control

Certain types of fungi enjoy munching on grass roots, and so do lawn grubs. We detect them early and eliminate them completely.

Ready to Begin?

Fill out a simple form or give us a call. A Sparrow specialist will arrange a time to assess your site, give you a quote and set up your dependable fertilization and weed control plan. We look forward to serving you!