The majority of the community's opinion of your business is based on visual impressions. The more beautiful your grounds are, the better for your professional image. With Sparrow, you can be sure your site has durable, beautiful landscaping.

Expect the Best from Sparrow

You’ll begin with a dream, and end with commercial landscaping that’s durable and makes your business look great. Here are a few reasons you can trust Sparrow with your landscape transformation.

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With hundreds of completed commercial landscaping projects, we know how to serve you best and avoid pitfalls.


The Perfect Finished Look

Each of our projects is not only designed with experience, but also with your vision in mind. Your finished commercial landscaping project will make your business site look amazing.


Clean Spaces

Our crew will always leave your site looking better than we found it, with clean walkways and landscape features.


Professional, Uniformed Crews

To us, looking professional is part of being professional. Our crews wear uniforms, provide identification on request, and drive our distinctive black trucks. Most importantly, this ensures you always know exactly who is working around your business.


Trained Specialists

Our crews have extensive training and create landscape features with an exacting level of quality. You’ll know your job will look great, last and be done to your satisfaction.

Landscape Services

We’re ready to bring your vision for a beautified business site to life with these services.

  • Landscape Design
  • Drainage Correction
  • Retaining Walls
  • Patio Installation
  • Finished Grading
  • Sodding and Seeding
  • Fire Pits
  • Tree, Shrub, and Perennial Installation

Hear It from Our Customers

  • “Sparrow is the main provider of grounds maintenance and landscaping services for the Highland Heights condominium community, and based on their excellent service we added their snow removal services this year. They provide comprehensive, high quality services, and are involved in continually improving the grounds. The work is accomplished economically and efficiently. Their crews are honest and dependable, and I know Sparrow goes through a lot of work to carefully screen them.

    Sparrow has solid management from generous, responsible leaders who create a high level of trust, and I highly recommend them.”

  • “I’ve worked with Sparrow as a homeowner and as the Executive Director of Youth Development at the Family YMCA of Northwest Illinois. They did a great job beautifying my property after we put on an addition and added a pool, and they helped us with leveling and new rock when we replaced our shed. I have them work on my property at least every other year, beautifying it, removing shrubs and laying down new mulch.

    Speaking of mulch, I always had a difficult time finding someone who could handle the mulch on our playgrounds at the YMCA. We need mulch that’s properly screened so there’s no debris in it that might hurt the children, and some landscapers aren’t willing to seek it out. Mark and the Sparrow team not only get us the right mulch, they get it spread on the playgrounds so quickly and efficiently that the kids don’t miss a moment of play.

    I highly recommend Sparrow, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else!”

  • “At the Morse Group, we trust Sparrow with all the grounds maintenance on the 7acres at our headquarters. That includes mowing, mulching, weeding, applications and more. When we acquired the building, we were handling it ourselves, but found that the equipment cost was a burden and a distraction from our core business.

    The Sparrow crew is very proactive in bringing issues on the property to our attention, even if it’s something (such as lighting) that is not in their area of responsibility. They do a fantastic job and we can tell they treat our property as if it’s their own.

    Our goal is to have the best looking business location in the area, and Sparrow helps us make that happen. We recommend you trust them for your commercial landscape work.”

Ready to Begin?

Fill out a simple form or give us a call. A Sparrow specialist will arrange a time to assess your site, hear your vision for an improved business site, and give you a quote. If you’d like us to handle mowing, maintenance and snow removal, we’ll be glad to discuss that, too. We look forward to serving you!